There is an old saying that “all good things must come to an end” and so it is with the Glory For Christ (GFC) football league. The league started out with 8 teams (all but one being homeschool teams) as the Georgia Football League in 2004, then changed to Glory For Christ growing to 12 teams before dropping down significantly in the last few years. It lasted fourteen years (2004 until 2017) for a league that only offered football. We lost teams as other leagues offered many sports in addition to football and many of the homeschool teams became Christian schools or hybrid schools offering students other sports in order to draw students to their schools. The teams that have at one time or another been in our league include: Anderson Cavaliers, Augusta Eagles, Augusta Prep, Barrow Saints, Bartow Generals, Christian Heritage, Crown Knights, Cumberland Christian, Dominion Christian, East Atlanta Mustangs, Freedom Academy, Georgia Force, Grace Baptist, Hearts Academy, Hill Academy Red Elephants, Holy Ground, Holy Spirit Prep, HSD Panthers, Kings Academy, Lanier Christian, NCA Lions, New Creation Center (NCCA), North Georgia Falcons, Paulding Panther, Skipstone Academy, War Hill Warriors and West Georgia Rebels. The league was a good thing as many of the teams started their football team, joined the league so they had other teams to play and could compete for a championship. The end is due to the fact that there are other leagues teams can join and about half the teams above are no longer in existence. Not sure how long we will keep this website on the internet, so if you have pictures or other info you want to copy you should do so now. It’s been a good run, but “all good things must come to an end”!

2017 GFC Football Season

GFC Championship Game: North Georgia Falcons defeat East Atlanta

GFC semifinals: NG in black vs Lanier Christian

Above video is of East Atlanta’s winning TD pass vs The King’s Academy

GFC Semifinal Game results: North Georgia 14 Lanier Christian 0

Game results for Friday, Oct 20th
Georgia Force 56 East Atlanta 0
Lanier Christian 48 Notre Dame 28
North Georgia 26 SC Titans 8

Game results for Friday, Oct 13th
Life Christian 30 East Atlanta 6
North Georgia 19 Lanier Christian 14

Game results for Friday, Oct 6th
Dawson Christian 59 Lanier Christian 10
North Georgia 14 Copper Basin High School 7
South Pittsburg 34 East Atlanta 0

Game results for Friday, Sept 29th
Dawson Christian 53 North Georgia 6
East Atlanta 12 Lanier Christian 6 (two overtimes)

Game results for Friday, Sept 22th
East Atlanta 13 North Georgia 0
Lanier Christian 6 Anderson Cavaliers 0

Game results for Friday, Sept 15th and Sat, Sept 16th
Lanier Christian 36 East Atlanta 6
The King’s Academy 55 North Georgia 0

Game results for Friday, Sept 8th and Sat, Sept 9th
Murphy HS (NC) 48 North Georgia 0
Unity Prep 20 East Atlanta 0
Sherwood Christian at Lanier Christian (cancelled due to Irma)

Game results for Friday, Sept 1st
Creekside Christian 38 East Atlanta 0
North Georgia 40 SC Titans 13

Game results for Friday, Aug 25 & Sat, Aug 26th
East Atlanta 12 The King’s Academy 8
Robbinsville HS 61 North Georgia 0
Georgia Christian 36 Lanier Christian 22

Game results for Friday, August 18th
East Atlanta 20 North Georgia 14
Lanier Christian 40 Horizon Christian 12

Game result for Friday, August 11th
Fullington Academy 13 Lanier Christian 7

GFC football teams are looking for high school players ages 14 to 18 to play for them this season. If you are interested call Hank St.Denis at 770-714-5775 or email: for more information.

Coach Roger McDanield

The Glory For Christ football league has lost one of it’s founding members as Roger McDaniel, on Feb 21st, went to be with the Lord. The head coach for the North Georgia Falcons since it’s beginning, Roger’s passion and love help build homeschool football and in particular, the Falcons, into a recognized brand both in Georgia and throughout the country. As I reflect back on all the times I spent with Roger, he was the definition of selfless to me. He gave so much of his time, effort and money to help people (players and parents) not only with the Falcons but with other teams. He always had time to talk, give encouragement, advice and even a little discipline now and then when it called for it. Roger was a true servant of the Lord.

Hank St.Denis



NCAA Eligibility for high school students looking to play College sports

Any high school students (public, private, Christian or Homeschool), looking to play a sport in college, must register and meet the eligibility requirements as approved by the NCAA prior to being able to participate. The information on acceptable requirements for GPA, SAT and/or ACT scores as well as the paperwork needed are found on the NCAA website. Below is the link to the website. If you have any interest at all, you need to register and get the information to them asap, especially if you are entering your senior year or are in your senior year of high school.


Division I Initial-Eligibility Changes – Class of 2016

The changes adopted by the Division I Board of Directors continue to use a student-athlete’s grades in high school core courses in combination with the student-athlete’s ACT or SAT score and core-course accumulation.

Prospective student-athletes who achieve the current minimum initial-eligibility standard on the test score-GPA sliding scale with at least a minimum 2.0 core-course GPA would continue to be eligible for athletically related financial aid during the first year of enrollment and practice during the first regular academic term of enrollment. Student-athletes serving this academic redshirt year would have to successfully complete nine semester or eight quarter hours during their first academic term to be eligible for practice during their second term.

For immediate access to competition, prospective student-athletes will be required to present at least a 2.3 GPA and an increased sliding-scale credential. Specifically, prospects need to earn about a half-point higher GPA for a given test score compared to the standard for aid and practice. For example, an SAT score of 1,000 would require a 2.5 high school core-course GPA for competition and a 2.0 high school core-course GPA for aid and practice.

Incoming student-athletes will be required to successfully complete 10 of the 16 total required core courses before the start of their senior year in high school. Seven of those 10 courses must be in English, math and science.


GFC/GFL Champions (2004 through 2016)

2017 North Georgia Falcons
2016 North Georgia Falcons
2015 Georgia Force
2014 North Georgia Falcons
2013 Augusta Prep Cavaliers
2012 East Atlanta Mustangs
2011 Holy Spirit Prep Cougars
2010 North Georgia Falcons
2009 North Georgia Falcons
2008 Christian Heritage Lions
2007 NCC Crusaders
2006 Georgia Force
2005 Georgia Force
2004 North Georgia Falcons

As you can see from the list above, our league has been competitive each year with many different teams able to win a championship. You can click on each of the teams in the upper left toolbar to view their schedule, roster and contact information. We look forward to a great 2017 football season.


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