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2011 GFC Football Season

Welcome to the 2011 GFC Football Season!

  • The 2011 GFC Football Season started today and it’s a little over 4 weeks before the first game of the year.

    Below is an article about proper hydratration.

    The Role of Electrolytes and Carbohydrates in Sports Nutrition
    by Dennis Loney

    The primary nemesis during athletic performance might not be the person
    you’re squaring off against, but dehydration. During a prolonged,
    intense workout, the loss of fluids can reach one to three quarts an
    hour, and if you don’t supply what your body demands (fluids), your
    body will be unable to cool itself. Ill-functioning nerve pathways and
    an increase in heart rate may lead to heat exhaustion or a potentially
    fatal heat stroke.

    That said, are sports drinks laden with electrolytes and carbohydrates
    better than water at replacing fluids lost during exercise? First let’s
    examine the role electrolytes and carbohydrates play in the body’s

    Electrolytes are nutrients that affect the fluid balance in our bodies
    and are necessary for our nerves and muscles to function. When
    electrolytes dissolve, they produce ions that are necessary to carry
    electrons from one electrode to another. The more soluble a substances
    is, the stronger the electrolyte.

    Sodium and potassium are the most common electrolytes added to the
    ever-increasing variety of sports drinks. While electrolyte replacement
    may be beneficial during rigorous activity lasting longer than two
    hours, electrolyte infusion is generally not needed during short bursts
    of exercise. Since sweat is composed of 99% water and less than 1%
    electrolytes, water is more than sufficient to restore your body’s
    normal fluid and electrolyte levels.

    The other ingredient sports drink makers tout in advertising campaigns
    are carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the preferred energy source for
    our bodies and are basically comprised of sugars and starches. Our
    bodies break down carbohydrates into glucose and glycogen that the
    blood carries to cells to be used as energy for our working muscles.
    The body consumes glucose for fast energy and resorts to glycogen
    stored in our muscles for sustaining energy. If glycogen stores are
    depleted, the body will resort to protein for its fuel, which causes
    your body to become fatigued and increases the need for rest and

    Although research has demonstrated that rehydrating with a sports drink
    that includes electrolytes and carbohydrates helps muscles restore
    glycogen reserves more efficiently than water if your exercise lasts
    for more than 90 minutes, simply drinking enough water before, during,
    and after a short workout will restore bodily fluids and electrolyte
    levels. In fact, sports drinks high in carbohydrates (more than 15 to
    18 grams per 8 ounces) could delay the absorption of water and cause
    dehydration, cramps, nausea, or diarrhea. Also, unused carbohydrates
    will be stored as fat.

    Whether you use sports drinks or water to hydrate may turn out to be a
    matter of preference, but the important thing is to stay hydrated,
    especially during hot summer months. Dehydration may also lead to poor
    performance and fatigue.

    Hydration Recommendation (Water should be consumed more than sports
    drinks. Do not drink just sports drinks. Drink water for more than 60%
    of the fluids you drink to replenish your body )

    1. It is recommended to consume 16 ounces of water or sports drink, 2
    hours before activity.

    2. 8-12 ounces of water or sports drink, 15 minutes before activity.

    3. During exercise, you should consume 5-10 ounces of water or sports
    drink, every 15 to 20 minutes with a minimum of 20 ounces per hour.

    4. After you’re finished for the day, consume 24 ounces of water or
    sports drink, for each pound of body weight lost after exercise.

    Random pictures from previous GFC seasons

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    2011 GFC Spring Jamboree

    Holy Spirit (green) scrimmages against North Georgia

    East Atlanta (burgundy) scrimmages against North Georgia

    The GFC Spring Scrimmage was held Saturday at the home field of the Georgia Force. Five GFC teams (East Atlanta, Freedom Academy, Georgia Force, Holy Spirit Prep and North Georgia) participated and one thing was clear after watching over 3 hours of competition, this season will be very interesting. Very interesting because any of these 5 teams could win the GFC Championship and we haven’t seen what the other GFC teams have yet! The defenses ruled the day, but that is to be expected as teams only have had a short period of time to put their offense together. However, every team showed they could move the ball and have good talent. Also, with a month of practice in August, we will see a season full of close games and plenty of surprises!


    This season the GFC will be divided into two divisions, East and West.

    The East teams are the Augusta Prep Cavaliers, Anderson (SC) Cavaliers, East Atlanta Mustangs from Conyers, Georgia Force from Sugar Hill and Holy Spirit Prep Cougars from Atlanta.

    The West teams include Christian Heritage Lions from Dalton, Freedom Academy Cowboys (Huntsville, AL), HSD Panthers from Paulding county and North Georgia Falcons from Canton/Cumming.

    2011 GFC Preseason Standings

    Robert Davis (#50 in white plays inside linebacker) is a former Falcon player and John Bodin (#65 in red plays guard on offense) is a former Mustang player. Shown above at G-day (Georgia Bulldogs spring game last Saturday). Congrats to both of them! Just shows that playing in the GFC prepares you to play at the highest level of college football.


    GFC Team rosters and pictures are now found on the team page.


    Boys, ages 12 to 14 (middle school) and 15 to 18 (high school), who are interested in playing 11 man tackle football, should contact one of the following coaches about playing football this coming fall.

    Anderson Cavaliers (Anderson, SC area) call Mike Cousar at 864-933-4432 (HS & MS)

    Christian Heritage (Dalton area, Whitfield county) call Mike Vaden at 706-581-2664 (HS and MS teams)

    East Atlanta Mustangs (Conyers area) contact Joe Blount (head coach) at 770-653-7919 (HS team)

    Freedom Academy (Huntsville, AL) contact Brett Hill (AD) at 256-476-8710 (HS and MS teams)

    Georgia Force (Suwanee/Buford area) contact Terry Justus (AD) at 678-477-8923 or Steve Riley (head coach) at 678-525-5101 (HS and MS Teams)

    HSD Panthers (west Cobb, Paulding and Douglas counties) call Jim Castle 404-915-8516 (HS team)

    Holy Spirit Prep (Sandy Springs/Atlanta) call Jim Falcetti at 678-904-2811

    North Atlanta Saints (Dunwoody, Sandy Springs area) call David Kravitz at 770-375-8212 (The Saints will be play a JV schedule this season)

    North Georgia (Cherokee, Forsyth, Pickens & Alpharetta) call Roger McDaniel at 678-313-6034 (HS and MS teams)



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