• 2017 East Atlanta Mustangs

    Head Coach Scott Barnett 404-610-4910 email: ea_mustangs@yahoo.com

    Location: Rockdale, S. Gwinnett, Dekalb, Newton and Walton counties

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    2017 Game Schedule

    Friday, August 18th: East Atlanta 20 North Georgia 14 (1-0, 0-0)
    Friday, August 25th: East Atlanta 12 King’s Academy 8 (2-0, 0-0)
    Friday, Sept 1st: Creekside Christian 38 East Atlanta 0 (2-1, 0-0)
    Friday, Sept 8th: Unity Prep 20 East Atlanta 0 (2-2, 0-0)
    Friday, Sept 15th: Lanier Christian 35 East Atlanta 6 (2-3, 0-0)
    Friday, Sept 22nd: East Atlanta 13 North Georgia 0 (3-3 1-0)
    Friday, Sept 29th: East Atlanta 12 Lanier Christian 6 (2 OT) (4-3, 2-0)
    Friday, Oct 6th: South Pittsburg 34 East Atlanta 0 (4-4, 2-0)
    Friday, Oct 13th: Life Christian 30 East Atlanta 6 (4-5, 2-0)
    Friday, Oct 20th: Georgia Force 56 East Atlanta 0 (4-6, 2-0)
    Friday, Oct 27th: bye week
    Saturday, Nov 4th: GFC Championship game North Georgia 2 East Atlanta 0 (forfeit) (4-7)

    2017 Roster

    # Players Name
    1 Tez Shorter
    2 Keontae Morrow
    3 Tay Hudson
    4 Jacob Rainwater
    5 Jemal Hudson
    7 RJ Everett
    8 Jalen Jackson
    10 Joe-Joe Davis
    12 Keyon Thomas
    14 Treveon Marria
    18 Greg Wilson
    23 Logan Draime
    24 Austin Thomas
    25 Kahlil Flowers
    32 Ian Krieger
    36 Wayne Brown
    40 Hunter Hickerson
    45 Roy Jones
    46 William Barnett
    56 Drew Rainwater
    59 Jarvis Daniels
    82 Jerome Smith
    88 Morrell Taylor

    East Atlanta will be playing our home game this year (2017)
    Old Cousins/Wolverine Football Field (behind the DMV/DDS in Covington)
    8134 Geiger St
    Covington, GA



    2016 Game Schedule

    Sat, Aug 27th: East Atlanta 44 Lanier Christian Academy 7 (1-0, 1-0)
    Friday, Sept 2:
    Friday, Sept 9: East Atlanta 44 Coastal Hurricanes 12 (2-0, 1-0)
    Friday, Sept 16: North Georgia 21 East Atlanta 6 (2-1, 1-1)
    Friday, Sept 23: East Atlanta 50 Lanier Christian Academy 6 (3-1, 2-1)
    Friday, Sept 30: Georgia Force 28 East Atlanta 8 (3-2, 2-1)
    Friday, Oct 7: East Atlanta 12 Life Christian 6 (4-2, 2-1)
    Friday, Oct 14: East Atlanta 26 North Georgia 18 (5-2, 3-1)
    Sat, Oct 22: East Atlanta 36 Coastal Hurricanes 0 (6-2, 3-1)
    Sat, Oct 29: GFC Championship North Georgia 18 East Atlanta 0 (6-3) Final season record

    2016 East Atlanta Roster
    1 QaWaan Cohen
    2 Keontae Morrow
    3 Donovan Hodge
    4 Tanner Marston
    5 Levi Marston
    7 R.J. Everett
    10 Omar Yelder
    12 Cleavon Dowell
    14 Jacob Rainwater
    17 Joseph White
    18 Nate Roberts
    22 Mitchell Long
    23 Jalen Knight
    24 Austin Thomas
    25 Miguale Walker
    32 Chad Phipps
    36 Wayne Brown
    40 John Ethan Topper
    44 Cameron Sewell
    45 Andrew Yount
    46 William Barnett
    50 Marquise Allen
    52 Jordan Patterson
    53 Josh Couture
    55 Christian Cash
    56 Drew Rainwater
    57 Andrew Hunter
    62 Patrick Lemberg


    2015 Game Schedule

    Friday, Aug 21st Anderson Cavaliers 35 East Atlanta 6 (0-1)
    Friday, Aug 28th East Atlanta 32 Coastal Hurricanes 14 (1-1)
    Friday, Sept 4th North Georgia Falcons 38 East Atlanta 34 (1-2)
    Friday, Sept 11th Georgia Force 43 East Atlanta 12 (1-3)
    Friday, Sept 18th East Atlanta 44 Augusta Eagles 0 (2-3)
    Friday, Sept 25th
    Friday, Oct 2nd The Kings Academy 40 East Atlanta 6 (2-4)
    Friday, Oct 9th North Georgia 26 East Atlanta 8 (2-5)
    Sat, Oct 17th Augusta Eagles 38 East Atlanta 26 (2-6)
    Friday, Oct 23rd
    Sat, Oct 31st GFC Playoffs North Georgia 42 East Atlanta 12 (2-7)

    League games = (GFC)

    2015 East Atlanta Roster
    1 Sherlon Liverpool
    2 Colby Taggart
    3 Cortlan Abrams
    7 Zachary Mize
    10 Seth Williams
    12 Cleavon Dowell
    14 Jacob Rainwater
    18 Ricky Matza
    22 Josh Coursey
    23 Keontae Morrow
    24 Wheeler Mitchell
    25 Tre’von Attucks
    26 Mitchell Long
    44 Cameron Sewell
    45 Andrew Yount
    56 Drew Rainwater
    57 Andrew Hunter
    62 Patrick Lemberg
    64 William Barnett
    88 Levi Martson
    90 Sawyer Matza


    2014 East Atlanta Mustangs

    2014 Game Schedule

    Aug 23rd: East Atlanta 28 Augusta Eagles 6 (non-GFC) (0-0,1-0)
    Aug 29th: East Atlanta 34 North Georgia 14 (non-GFC) (0-0,2-0)
    Sept 5th: BYE WEEK
    Sept 12th: Georgia Force 43 East Atlanta 6 (GFC) (0-1, 2-1)
    Sept 19th: East Atlanta 30 Grace Christian 26 (GFC) (1-1, 3-1)
    Sept 26th: Johnson Ferry 32 East Atlanta 24 (non-GFC) (1-1, 3-2)
    Oct 3rd: East Atlanta 45 Hearts Academy 0 (GFC) (2-1, 4-2)
    Oct 1oth: Skipstone 26 East Atlanta 20 (non-GFC) (2-1, 4-3)
    Oct 17th:
    Oct 24th: North Georgia 50 East Atlanta 21 (2-2, 4-4)
    Nov 1st: East Atlanta 40 Augusta Eagles 8 (3-2, 5-4)
    Nov 8th: GFC Playoffs: Grace Christian 24 East Atlanta 14 (3-3, 5-5)

    # Players Name Offense Defense
    1 Austin Stone TE DE
    3 Cortlan Abrams RB WR S
    10 Seth Williams TE DE FB
    12 Kevin Ard QB OLB DE
    14 Dejon Pitts WR CB
    18 Keenan Tart WR CB S
    22 Josh Coursey WR OLB
    23 Branden Pitts WR RB CB
    25 Kyle Trent RB CB
    40 Jarrett Franklin OL DL LB
    46 Dalton Chappelear FB LB
    50 Bryan Franklin OL DL
    56 Drew Rainwater OL DL
    57 Andrew Hunter OL DL
    62 Patrick Lemberg C DE
    65 Sam Mitchell OL DL
    77 Wesley Rosier OL DL
    82 Josh Swope WR CB
    84 Taylor West TE DE
    85 AJ Bowman, Jr WR S CB
    88 Dillan Harris WR LB
    90 Sawyer Matza OL DL


    2013 East Atlanta Mustangs

    2013 Game Results

      East Atlanta 18 Skipstone Academy 0

    The East Atlanta Mustangs opened their season against their rival, the Skipstone Warriors, in a GFC East Division game. Several players are friends with players from the other team so this makes this game extra special. After a hard fought game, the Mustangs prevailed 18-0. QB Kevin Ard hooked up with James Donnelly for the first touchdown on a 26 yard completion in the first quarter to go up 6-0. Brett Marston added another touchdown in the third quarter with a 4 yard touchdown run to make the score 14-0. Late in the 4th quarter, Daventa Adams scored on a 31 yard touchdown run to complete the scoring for the Mustangs. The Mustangs next game will be Friday, Aug 23rd, against the Johnson Ferry Saints while Skipstone has no game this Friday.

    2013 Game Schedule

    Aug 16th: East Atlanta 18 Skipstone 0 (East) (1-0, 1-0, 1-0)
    Aug 23rd: East Atlanta 15 Johnson Ferry 9 (West) (1-0, 2-0, 2-0)
    Aug 30th: Crown Knights 33 East Atlanta 22 (West) (1-0, 2-1, 2-1)
    Sept 6th: Georgia Force 35 East Atlanta 32 (East) (1-1, 2-2, 2-2)
    Sept 13th: East Atlanta 44 Holy Spirit 7 (West) (1-1, 3-2, 3-2)
    Sept 20th: Anderson 66 East Atlanta 6 (East) (1-2, 3-3, 3-3)
    Sept 27th: bye week
    Oct 4th: Augusta Prep 41 East Atlanta 6 (East) (1-3, 3-4, 3-4)
    Oct 11th: East Atlanta 64 Augusta Eagles 0 (East) (2-3, 4-4, 4-4)
    Oct 18th:
    Oct 26th: East Atlanta 46 Horizon Christian 6 (non-GFC) (2-3, 4-4, 5-4)
    Nov 1st, GFC Playoffs: Crown Knights 17 East Atlanta 14 (2-3, 5-5)

    # Players Name
    1 Daventa Adams
    2 Kenneth Wimberly
    3 Sammie Ibraheem
    4 Eddie Cummings
    5 Kymani Brooks
    7 Tal Broome
    10 Kaymon Campbell
    12 Kevin Ard
    22 Tyler Tabor
    23 Kyle Trent
    24 James Donnelly
    26 Jacob Young
    32 Brett Marston
    50 Bryan Franklin
    52 Tyler Jenkins
    55 Ben Black
    56 Michael Harris
    58 Saxton Robinson
    59 Nathan McNally
    60 Kyle Bolar
    62 Jerel Nozil
    64 Derek Williams
    65 Cameron Duff
    72 Dalton Chappelear
    75 Seth Williams
    86 Greg Richardson



    2012 East Atlanta Mustangs

    Head Coach Joe Blount email: ea_mustangs@yahoo.com

    East Atlanta wins 2012 GFC Championship

    The East Atlanta Mustangs beat the Anderson Cavaliers 20-14. The Mustangs fell behind 7-0 with 10:17 left in the first quarter after Davis Cousar threw a touchdown pass to Isaac Moorhouse. Daniel Nguyen added the extra point to give the Cavs a 7-0 lead. East Atlanta answered with a drive scoring from 4 yards out. The extra point was no good so Anderson led 7-6. Late in the first quarter, Tavaris Ricardson scored for the Cavs from 12 yards out. After the extra point was made, Anderson led 14-6. East Atlanta cut the lead to 14-12 after they scored with 6:27 left in the first half when Davante Adams scored from 2 yards out.

    The 3rd quarter was scoreless and for much of the 4th quarter it was back and forth up the field for both teams. Anderson had an opportunity to score when they reached the 1 yard line, however, a penalty pushed them back and the Mustangs recovered a fumble inside the 5. The Mustangs then drove all the way down the field and were able to score with 4:46 left in the game. The Mustangs went for two points and QB Kevin Ard connected with Khadyle Curry for the conversion and the final score of 20-14.

    East Atlanta Mustangs 41 Young Americans Christian School 7

    The Mustangs, seeking to revenge last year’s defeat at the hands of their cross-town rivals, scored 13 points in the 1st quarter on touchdown runs of 25 yards by Justin Glover and 6 yards by Daventa Adams – with Caleb Carter adding an extra point. In the 2nd quarter the Mustangs scored on a 5 yard pass from Kevin Ard to Kenneth Wimberly, a 41 yard punt return by Justin Glover and a 54 yard run by Daventa Adams. Kenneth Wimberly hooked up with Greg Richardson for a 2 point conversion, and Caleb Carter added an extra point kick – giving the Mustangs a 34-0 lead at the half. The 2 teams traded touchdowns in the 3rd quarter – with Justin Glover closing out the scoring with a 40 yard touchdown run for the Mustangs. The victory gave the Mustangs their 4th win of the season for the first time in their 8 year history.

    East Atlanta Mustangs 28 Augusta Prep Cavaliers 14

    Runnng Back Daniel Compton scored from the 1 yard line to give the Mustangs the early lead and again from 18 yards for a 14-0 lead. Davante Adams added a third score for East Atlanta and a Kevin Ard to Khadyle Curry touchdown pass made the score 28-0 before Augusta Prep was able to put points on the board. Mustang’s kicker Caleb Carter was good on all 4 extra point kicks. East Atlanta had great field position all day and was able to capitalize on it. This is East Atlanta’s first trip to the GFC Championship and their best season (9-2) ever.

    East Atlanta Mustangs 21 Skipstone Academy 0

    The East Atlanta Mustangs defeated the Skipstone Warriors 21-0 in a hard fought, hard hitting game. The Mustangs scored on the last play of the 1st Quarter when Daventa Adams caused a fumble, scooped it up and raced 45 yards for a touchdown. Caleb Carter kicked the extra point giving the Mustangs a 7-0 lead. The 2nd Quarter was scoreless, but not without plenty of excitement. On the Warriors final possession of the half, they ran 9 plays inside the Mustangs’ 10 yard line – due to multiple penalties on the Mustangs – but the Mustangs’ defense held their ground and kept the Warriors out of the end zone. On the first play from scrimmage in the 3rd Quarter, Daniel Compton took a handoff and ran 65 for the Mustangs’ second touchdown. Again, Caleb Carter added the point after – making the score 14-0. On the Warriors next series, the Mustangs forced a punt after a 3 and out. Justin Glover fielded the punt and raced 61 yards for the Mustangs final touchdown. Caleb Carter’s kick made the score 21-0 with about 9 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter. The Mustangs’ defense was able to contain the Warriors for the rest of game – securing the Mustangs’ first victory of the season.

    2012 Game Schedule
    Aug 17th: East Atlanta 21 Skipstone 0 (non-gfc) (0-0, 1-0)
    Aug 24th: East Atlanta 36 HSD 0 (non-gfc) (0-0, 2 – 0)
    Aug 31st: East Atlanta 32 Holy Spirit 0 (non-gfc) (0-0, 3-0)
    Sep 7th: East Atlanta 41 Young American 7 (non-gfc) (0-0, 4-0)
    Sept 14th: East Atlanta 12 Force 7 (East) (1-0, 5-0)
    Sept 21st: bye week
    Sept 28th: Anderson 35 East Atlanta 15 (East) (1-1, 5-1)
    Oct 5th: Augusta Prep 22 East Atlanta 15 (East) (1-2, 5-2)
    Oct 12th: East Atlanta 14 Skipstone 7 (East) (2-2, 6-2)
    Oct 19th: East Atlanta 34 North Atlanta 0 (non-gfc) (2-2, 7-2)
    Oct 27th: GFC Playoffs: East Atlanta 28 Holy Spirit 16 (3-2, 8-2)
    Nov 3rd: GFC Semifinals: East Atlanta 28 Augusta Prep 14 (4-2, 9-2)
    Nov 9th: GFC Championship: East Atlanta 20 Anderson 14 (5-2, 10-2)

    # Player’s Name Offensive Defensive
    1 Daventa Adams RB/WR DE
    2 Kenneth Wimberly WR DB
    3 Garrett Ferguson RB/WR LB
    7 Talmadge Broome FB/TE DE/LB
    10 Khadyle Curry WR DB (senior)
    12 Kevin Ard QB DB
    14 Stephen Kringer WR DB
    18 Adam Stankovich WR DB
    22 Jerome Hough WR DB
    24 James Donnelly WR DB
    25 Justin Glover RB DB (senior)
    35 Matthew McKinley FB LB
    36 Orande Barrow FB LB (senior)
    40 Jerel Nozil FB NG
    44 Daniel Compton RB/QB LB (senior)
    45 Benjamin Black FB/TE LB
    46 Jonathan Ring RB LB (senior)
    50 Bryan Franklin OL DL
    52 Caleb Hester OL DL
    55 Will Blount OL DL (senior)
    56 Michael Harris OL LB
    57 Robert Domergue OL LB (senior)
    58 Derrick Williams OL LB (senior)
    59 Nathan McNally OL DL
    61 Ernest Greene OL DL (senior)
    62 Caleb Carter OL DL (senior)
    64 Ryan Woodall OL DL (senior)
    65 Akil Rhone OL DL
    67 Michael Bodin OL DL
    69 Jaelynn Norman OL DL
    72 Dalton Chappelear FB DL
    74 Andrew Taylor OL DL
    75 Devin Bacon OL DL
    77 Isaiah Emerson OL DL
    78 Caleb King OL DL
    84 Colin Ring TE DE
    85 Jamario Laguin WR DB
    86 Gregory Richardson TE DE
    88 Taylor West TE DE


    2011 Football Season

    East Atlanta 22 North Georgia 19

    East Atlanta 26 HSD Panthers 13

    Augusta Prep 22 East Atlanta 12

    East Atlanta Mustangs 34 NCA Saints 6

    The Mustangs, from Conyers, started their 2011 season strong by defeating the NCA Saints, from Woodstock. East Atlanta got on the board with a 1 yard touchdown run by Dakota Allgood in the 1st Quarter. In the 2nd Quarter the Mustangs added an 8 yard touchdown run by Dion Smith and a 3 yard touchdown run by Daniel Compton to lead 21-0 at the half. The Mustangs added a 3 yard touchdown run by Garrett Ferguson in the 3rd Quarter and a 1 yard touchdown run by Khadyle Curry in the 4th Quarter. With Caleb Carter hitting 4 of 5 extra points, the score was 34-0 until the Saints scored on a long pass with under a minute to play.

    2011 Game Schedule
    Friday, Aug 19th: East Atlanta 34 NCA 6 (1-0)
    Friday, Aug 26th: Augusta Prep 22 East Atlanta 12 (1-1)
    Friday, Sept 2rd: East Atlanta 26 HSD Panters 13 (2-1)
    Friday, Sept 9th: East Atlanta 22 North Georgia 19 (3-1)
    Friday, Sept 16th: Young Americans Christian 26 East Atlanta 0 (3-2)
    Friday, Sept 23th: BYE WEEK
    Friday, Sept 30th: Georgia Force 31 East Atlanta 7 (3-3) (East Division)
    Friday, Oct 7th: Anderson Cavaliers 34 East Atlanta 28 (3-4) (East Division)
    Friday, Oct 14th: Holy Spirit Prep 47 East Atlanta 14 (4-4) (East Division)
    Friday, Oct 21st: Augusta Prep 43 East Atlanta 20 4-5) (East Division)

    2011 East Atlanta Mustangs Roster

    # Player Name Offense Defense
    1 Dakota Allgood RB LB
    2 Kenneth Wimberly WR DB
    3 Garrett Ferguson RB LB
    7 Talmadge Broome TE LB
    10 Khadyle Curry QB DB
    12 Brandon Green TE LB
    14 Pat Smith WR DB
    17 Andrew Green QB DB
    18 Isaiah Spencer WR DB
    23 Dion Smith RB DB
    24 James Donnelly QB DB
    25R/26W Justin Glover RB DB
    32 Woo Soung Northrop QB DB
    36 Orande Barrow RB LB
    40 Jonathan Ford RB LB
    44 Daniel Compton RB LB
    46 Jonathan Ring RB LB
    52 Isaiah Emerson OL DL
    55 Will Blount OL DL
    56 Michael Harris OL LB
    57 Robert Domergue OL LB
    62 Caleb Carter OL DE
    64 Ryan Woodall OL DE
    67 Michael Bodin OL DL
    69 Jaelynn Norman OL DL
    70 Tony Taylor OL DE
    72 Dalton Chappelear OL LB
    74 Andrew Taylor OL DL
    75 Devin Bacon OL LB
    80 Levi Richardson TE DE
    82 Jamari Talley WR DB
    84 Colin Ring TE DE
    85 Brian Adams WR DB


    2010 East Atlanta Mustang Football Season

    Friday, Aug 27th: North Georgia 52 East Atlanta 13
    Friday, Sept 3rd: East Atlanta 35 Unity Christian 18
    Friday, Sept 10th: Christian Heritage 62 East Atlanta 7
    Friday, Sept 17th: Holy Ground 21 East Atlanta 14
    Friday, Sept 24th: Georgia Force 37 East Atlanta 0
    Friday, Oct 1st: HSD Panthers 45 East Atlanta 6
    Friday, Oct 8th: North Georgia 47 East Atlanta 7
    Friday, Oct 15th East Atlanta 12 SC Titans 10
    Friday, Oct 22nd Freedom Academy 50 East Atlanta 21

    Mustang's RB Reginald Spears is a senior who has the speed and the ability to play college football


    Leon Jones (left) and Ben Herring

    Mustangs give Homeschoolers, Private School Students a Chance to Play Football

    Written By: Robert Naddra

    Ben Herring and Leon Jones don’t have many extracurricular options at The Wilson Academy, a small private school on Covington Highway in Decatur. In fact, the only school-based activity is basketball. So when the pair found out about a football league for high school students who either are homeschooled or attend a school without a football program, they jumped at the opportunity. “I wanted to be in more activities and try a new sport,” Jones said. “I don’t want to sit around. I like to be active.” Jones and Herring are two of five DeKalb County students who play for the East Atlanta Mustangs in the Glory For Christ Football League (formerly the Georgia Football League). The eight-team league plays standard, 11-man tackle football complete with a 10-game regular-season schedule plus playoffs.

    One of Herring’s teachers came across the Mustangs’ Web site and mentioned it to his class. The Mustangs are based in Rockdale County and practice at Rockdale Baptist Church off Sigman Road, not far from the DeKalb County line. “We want kids to know the opportunity is there,” said first-year Mustangs’ coach Joe Blount. “Sometimes parents think they have to give up sports or other extracurricular activities to go to a private school. But we want to let the kids know the chance is there to play football.”

    The Mustangs started six years ago when the league formed. The other teams in the league are located in suburban Atlanta and as far away as Carrollton and Dalton. The Mustangs went 5-5 last season and lost in the first round of the playoffs. Blount is looking to grow the football program and has started to recruit more in DeKalb County. “We had about 25 kids show up for spring practice,” Blount said.” It’s the most we’ve ever had for spring. We’re trying to build the program and get about 35-40 kids out for the fall. Spring is a good opportunity to get everyone excited about the season.”

    The league is not off the map to college recruiters. A former Mustangs player from Covington – John Bodin – is a redshirt sophomore on the football team at the University of Georgia.

    Jones is a two-sport athlete who is in his second year playing football. A senior who starts on both offense and defense for the Mustangs, Jones has played basketball for several years and is a member of the GT Stars AAU basketball program. “I like to hit, and I like the excitement of the game,” Jones said. “A big play can happen at any time.” Jones said he has made the adjustment to football fairly smoothly and also plays running back and wide receiver for the Mustangs. “I didn’t really know the plays or what I needed to do when I first started,” Jones said. “Just getting used to the plays and seeing where I was supposed to be on offense and defense was the main thing.”

    Unlike high schools that participate in the Georgia High School Association, the Mustangs do not have structured workouts during the summer. Both Herring and Jones have prepared for the season by working out on their own and trying to stay in shape. Herring, a senior, has been playing organized football since he was 13 and is in his third year with the Mustangs. He starts at linebacker and also plays running back. Playing for the Mustangs has allowed Herring to continue with his favorite sport. “I love to play football and I was interested even before I found out about the Mustangs,” Herring said.

    Blount is hopeful he can find other players in the coming years with similar stories and continue to help student-athletes find a place to play football if it’s not available to them at their school. For more information about the East Atlanta Mustangs, call (770) 788-8534 or visit www.georgiafootballleague.com

    2010 East Atlanta Mustangs
    # Player Name

    1 Reginald Spear
    2 Vince Hall
    3 Leon Jones
    7 Quran Weaver
    10 Khadyle Curry
    12 Blake Jones
    14 Javonte Flanagan
    17 Roger Smith
    23 Dion Smith
    24 James Donnelly
    25 Justin Glover
    26 Benjamin Herring
    40 Jelani Weaver
    44 Marquis Jutan
    45 Steven Stembridge
    46 Michael Diaz
    50 Alex Wright
    52 Chris Burch
    55 Will Blount
    56 Ryan Lencrerot
    57 Ross Baggett
    58 Matthew Lugg
    61 Brandon Beam
    64 Ryan Woodall
    69 Carter Jones
    70 Kadesh Taylor
    75 Devin Bacon
    77 Demetre Patterson
    80 Eric Estevez
    84 Stephon Day
    85 Kentravious Brown
    86 Caleb Carter
    88 Talmadge Broome
    90 Trevor Smith


    2009 East Atlanta Football Season

    East Atlanta vs Georgia Force (2009 GFC Playoffs)

    East Atlanta Mustangs 2009Click here to enlarge East Atlanta Mustangs picture

    2009 East Atlanta Mustang Roster
    #….Player’s Name
    3….Reginald Spear
    7….Rashid Ali
    8….Daniel Trout
    10..Reid Hawkins
    12..Deon Smith
    20..Shun Hannah
    22..Tyler Rowe
    23..Leon Jones
    26..Benjamin Herring
    28..Jonathan Montgomery
    32..Eric Estevez
    40..Victor Montgomery
    42..Talmadge Broome
    45..Michael Diaz
    50..Derrick Lynch
    51..Preston Rogers
    52..Chris Burch
    54..Will Blount
    55..Dylan Walden
    58..Matthew Lugg
    63..Jeremy Black
    67..Andrew Vadala
    69..Kadesh Taylor
    72..Hayden Keating-Broyles
    74..Tyler Mattingly
    75..Matt Tryall
    76..Brandon Beam
    89..Blake Jones

    2009 East Atlanta Football Schedule

    The East Atlanta Mustangs finished the 2009 season with 3 wins and 4 losses.
    Fri, Sept 4th East Atlanta 39 Holy Ground 12
    Fri, Sept 11th bye week
    Fri, Sept 18th North Georgia 35 East Atlanta 6
    Fri, Sept 25th Christian Heritage 45 East Atlanta 0
    Fri, Oct 2nd Dominion Christian 40 East Atlanta 20
    Fri, Oct 9th East Atlanta 33 Cumberland Christian 6
    Fri, Oct 23rd East Atlanta 50 Bartow 42
    Fri, Oct 30th Georgia Force 37 East Atlanta 12