• 2015 Football Season

    Head Coach Steve Riley 678-525-5101 email: forcecoach@gmail.com

    Athletic Director: Thornton Hopkins 678-575-3535 email: ad.football@forcehsfootball.com

    Serving: Gwinnett, Jackson, South Hall, East Hall and Forsyth (east of 400 south of Lake Lanier) counties

    Teams: High School, JV and Middle School

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    2015 Game Schedule
    Friday, Aug 21st: Georgia Force 45 Augusta Eagles 7 (1-0)
    Friday, Aug 28th: Georgia Force 41 Dominion Christian 8 (2-0)
    Sat, Sept 4th: Georgia Force 24 Hickory Hawks 22 (3-0)
    Friday, Sept 11th: Georgia Force 43 East Atlanta Mustangs 12 (4-0)
    Friday, Sept 18th: Georgia Force 27 North Georgia Falcons 6 (5-0)
    Friday, Sept 25th: Georgia Force 14 Dawson Christian 6 (6-0)
    Friday, Oct 2nd: Georgia Force 27 Johnson Ferry 14 (7-0)
    Friday, Oct 9th: The Kings Academy 26 Georgia Force 7-1)
    Friday, Oct 16th: Georgia Force 36 Carolina Wildcats 18 (8-1)
    Saturday, Oct 24: Georgia Force 41 Augusta Eagles 0 (9-1)
    Sat, Oct 31st: GFC Playoffs bye
    Sat, Nov 7th: GFC Championship

    2015 Georgia Force Roster

    11 Will Agin
    80 Nathan Blankemeyer
    75 Caleb Brooks
    78 Joshua Carr
    71 Christian Conway
    59 Jesse Dickerson
    41 Stephen Durand
    6 Ousman Faal
    19 Ryan Gunsallus
    2 Tyler Hopkins
    54 Evan Humphrey
    15 Chane Hunter
    5 Dylan Jean
    8 Jacob Matlock
    62 RiNico McCauley
    47 Conor McFerren
    24 Ethan Monjure
    29 Everett Nelson
    10 Jacob Ross
    1 Milton Rowe
    67 Addison Smith
    45 Benjamin Taylor
    3 Christian Thrift
    56 Harris Williams


    2014 Football Season

    2014 Force Team Picture

    2014 Game Schedule

    Aug 22nd: Force 39 Skipstone 20 (0-0,1-0)
    Aug 29th: Dominion Christian 44 Force 21 (0-0, 1-1)
    Sept 5th: Force 58 Hearts Academy 0 (GFC)(1-0, 2-1)
    Sept 12th: Force 43 East Atlanta 6 (GFC)(2-0, 3-1)
    Sept 19th:
    Sept 26th: Force 31 The Kings Academy 26 (non-GFC) (2-0, 4-1)
    Oct 3rd: Force 43 North Georgia 12 (GFC) (3-0, 5-1)
    Oct 10th: Grace Christian 22 Georgia Force 20 (GFC) (3-1, 5-2)
    Oct 17th: Force 55 Augusta Eagles 6 (GFC) (4-1, 6-2)
    Oct 24th: BYE WEEK
    Oct 31st: Georgia Force 42 Johnson Ferry 26 (non-GFC) (4-1, 7-2)
    Nov 8th: GFC Playoffs: North Georgia 22 Georgia Force 21 (OT) (4-2, 7-3)

    2014 Georgia Force Roster

    # Players Name

    1 Devyn Robinson
    2 Tyler Hopkins
    3 Christian Thrift
    4 Eddie Cummings
    5 Kymani Brooks
    8 Giles McBee
    10 Amari Cox
    11 Will Agin
    15 Joseph Highum
    20 Jackson Agin
    22 Michael Hutchins
    24 Ethan Monjure
    25 Kaleb Tuggle
    29 Everett Nelson
    30 Caleb Hardin
    31 Cody Robinson
    33 Victor Mathis
    39 Christian Rivera
    41 Stephen Durand
    43 Chandler Hardin
    44 Kieron Graham
    45 Benjamin Taylor
    47 Conor McFerren
    49 Addison Jackson
    50 John Jung
    52 Carter Trump
    54 Evan Humphrey
    56 Harris Williams
    57 Evan McBee
    59 Jesse Dickerson
    62 RiNico McCauley
    65 Chris Webb
    66 Sam Perry
    68 TaFahree Maynard
    71 Christian Conway
    74 John Barrett
    75 Colin Conway
    76 Brandon Rivers
    80 Nathan Blankemeyer
    82 James Sterner
    83 Keith Carswell
    84 Drew Patterson
    85 Caleb Jarrard
    89 Kaleb Fisher
    93 Josiah Butler
    98 Greg Thompson


    2013 Football Season

    Aug 16th: Dominion Christian 28 Georgia Force 12 (preseason)
    Aug 23rd: Georgia Force 39 Grace Christian 7 (West) (0-0, 1-0, 1-0)
    Aug 30th: Covenant Christian 34 Georgia Force 24 (non-GFC) (0-0, 1-0, 1-1)
    Sept 6th: Georgia Force 35 East Atlanta 32 (East) (1-0, 2-0, 2-1)
    Sept 13th: Skipstone 23 Georgia Force 18 (East) (1-1, 2-1, 2-2)
    Sept 20th: Augusta Prep 36 Georgia Force 7 (East) (1-2, 2-2, 2-3)
    Sept 27th: bye week
    Oct 4th:
    Oct 11th: Anderson Cavaliers 56 Georgia Force 32 (East) (1-3, 2-3, 2-4)
    Oct 18th: Georgia Force 44 Augusta Eagles 0 (East) (2-3, 3-3, 3-4)
    Oct 25th: Georgia Force 42 Holy Spirit Prep 7 (West) (2-3, 4-3, 4-4)
    Nov 2nd, GFC Playoffs: Johnson Ferry 51 Georgia Force 20 (2-3, 4-5)

    2013 Georgia Force Roster

    # Players Name
    1 Robinson, Devyn
    3 Weinmann, Andrew
    5 Justus, Andrew
    10 Stroup, Robbie
    14 Durand, Joshua
    15 Highum, Joseph
    16 Wright, Christopher
    18 Duran, Daniel
    21 Dickerson, Jayme
    24 Monjure, Ethan
    29 Nelson, Everett
    30 Brassel, Robby
    31 Thomas, Matthew
    32 Page, Patrick
    33 Scott, Bishme
    35 Ford, Eric
    36 Matlock, Jacob
    37 Carpenter, Ian
    40 Kiningham, Daniel
    41 Durand, Stephen
    42 Norris, Stephen
    43 Hardin, Chandler
    44 Graham, Kieron
    45 Hancock, Andrew
    50 Jung, John
    52 Trump, Carter
    53 Souder, Parker
    56 Becker, Eric
    57 Mote, John David
    58 Winston, Samuel
    62 Blatchford, Joseph
    65 Webb, Christopher
    70 King, Blade
    75 Conway, Colin
    79 Riddett, Davis
    80 Blankemeyer, Nathan
    82 McBee, Evan
    83 Agin, Will
    84 Matthews, Brendan
    86 Wofford, Russell
    89 Fisher, Kaleb
    93 Walsman, Isaac

    Directions & Map to Gary Pirkle Park (location of Georgia Force home games)

    Click here to view Map to Gary Pirkle Park

    Directions to Gary Pirkle Park on Austin Garner Road in Sugar Hill, 30518 (PLEASE REFER TO WWW.FORCEHSFOOTBALL.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION)
    1. Take I-85 North of I-285 (northeast Atlanta)
    2. Slight left at I-985 N/Lanier Pkwy (signs for Gainesville)
    3. Take exit 4 for US-23 S/GA-20 toward Cumming/Buford
    4. Merge onto US-23 N
    5. Turn left at GA-20 W/Buford Dr NE (Continue to follow GA-20 W)
    6. Proceed on Hwy 20 (GA-20) towards Cumming
    7. Turn right onto Suwanee Dam Road north towards Lake Lanier and Buford Dam
    8. Turn right into the upper parking area off of Suwanee Dam Road (Note: the parking lot located off of Austin Garner will not be accessible due to the necessity of these lots being needed for soccer and other Lanier youth program needs).

    2012 Game Schedule

    Aug 17th: Force 21 Young American Christian 14 (non-gfc) (0-0,1-0)
    Aug 24th: Force 36 North Atlanta 0 (non-gfc) (0-0, 2-0)
    Aug 31st: Force 31 Skipstone 16 (East) (1-0, 3-0)
    Sept 7th: Force 45 Freedom Academy 0 (non-gfc) (1-0, 4-0)
    Sept 14th: East Atlanta 12 Force 6 (East) (1-1, 4-1)
    Sept 21st: Force 22 Augusta Prep 21 (East) (2-1, 5-1)
    Sept 28th: Force 31 North Georgia 24 (non-gfc) (2-1, 6-1)
    Oct 5th: Force 31 Holy Spirit 9 (non-gfc) (2-1, 7-1)
    Oct 12th: bye week
    Oct 19th: Anderson 34 Force 29 (East) (2-2, 7-2)

    2012 Georgia Force Roster
    # Players Name

    1 Travell Anderson (senior)
    2 Darius Williams
    3 Lucas Scher
    4 Blake Tate (senior)
    5 Andrew Justus (senior)
    6 David Allan (senior)
    9 Andrew Rucker
    10 Jason Allan
    14 Joshua Durand
    15 Joseph Highum
    18 Daniel Duran
    20 Carson Csoka (senior)
    24 Elijah Fortune
    30 Robby Brassell
    31 Matthew Thomas
    32 Patrick Page
    35 Bishme Scott (senior)
    37 Ian Carpenter
    41 Stephen Romanoff
    42 Stephen Norris
    43 Chandler Hardin
    45 Andrew Hancock
    54 Zach Umberger
    55 Austin Stewart
    56 Barret Guthrie
    57 John David Mote
    58 Andy Armstrong
    60 Eric Ford
    62 Joseph Blatchford
    63 Caleb Blankemeyer
    65 Christopher Webb
    67 Nique’o Woods
    68 Bishop Woods
    70 Blade King (senior)
    71 Christian Michel
    73 Aaron Coursey
    75 Colin Conway
    77 Hayden Souder
    78 Alex Klein
    82 Evan McBee
    83 Caleb McBee
    86 Russell Wofford
    87 Jacob Harper
    93 Drew Guthrie


    2011 Game Schedule
    Friday, Aug 19th: Georgia Force 18 Dawson Street 0 (1-0)
    Friday, Aug 26th: Georgia Force 45 Holy Ground 0 (2-0)
    Friday, Sept 2rd: Georgia Force 31 Freedom Academy 0 (3-0)
    Friday, Sept 9th: Georgia Force 24 Christian Heritage 13 (4-0)
    Friday, Sept 16th: Holy Spirit Prep 20 Georgia Force 6 (4-1)
    Friday, Sept 23th: Georgia Force 30 Augusta Prep 9 (5-1)
    Friday, Sept 30th: Georgia Force 31 East Atlanta 7 (6-1)
    Friday, Oct 7th: Georgia Force 17 North Georgia 0 (7-1)
    Friday, Oct 14th: Georgia Force 36 Crown 6 (8-1)
    Friday, Oct 21nd : Georgia Force 35 Anderson 0 (9-1) (East Division)
    Sat, Oct 29th: GFC Playoffs: Georgia Force 20 North Georgia 14 (10-1)
    Sat, Nov 5th: GFC Semifinals Christian Heritage 27 Georgia Force 26 (OT) (10-2)

    2011 Force Roster

    # Player Name Offense Defense

    1 Daniel Charles WR DB
    2 Nathan McNeil RB DB
    3 Lucas Scher RB DB
    4 Blake Tate WR DB
    5 Andrew Justus QB DB
    6 David Allan WR DB
    7 Matt Atkerson QB DB
    8 Michael Bardsley RB LB
    10 Jason Allan WR DB
    21 Tevin Austin RB LB
    22 Brandon Sullivan RB LB
    24 Zach Fleischman RB DB
    25 Bryson Nobles WR DB
    30 Cody Crandall RB DB
    31 Matthew Thomas RB DL
    32 Patrick Page RB LB
    33 Clay Mote RB DL
    40 Carson Csoka RB LB
    47 Marques Freeman RB LB
    54 Andrew Hancock OL LB
    55 Brenden Laible OL DL
    57 John David Mote OL DL
    58 Andy Armstrong OL DL
    67 Tucker Peeler OL DL
    70 Blade King OL LB
    71 VJ Harvey OL DL
    73 Ethan Leggett OL DL
    75 Austin Stewart OL DL
    76 Robert Mele OL DL
    77 Hayden Souder OL DL
    80 Andrew Jarnagin WR DB
    83 Caleb McBee TE LB
    Jacob Harper


    2010 Football Season

    2010 Georgia Force

    Click on picture to enlarge

    Georgia Force
    # Player Name

    1 Elisha Patterson
    4 Blake Tate
    6 Andrew Justus
    8 Jonathan Kinnemore
    9 Markantonee Williams
    10 Matthew Hardin
    12 Andrew Green
    21 Tevin Austin
    22 Nathan Justus
    24 Zavior Thompson
    25 Ben Allison
    30 Matthew Atkerson
    31 Matthew Thomas
    32 Patrick Page
    33 Clay Mote
    34 Nick Umstead
    40 Carson Csoka-Donihoo
    41 Jimmy Baker
    42 Trevor Scott
    45 Joel Moss
    46 David Harley
    47 Ethan Patterson
    50 Blake Soares
    54 Anthony Penoyer
    55 Brandon Laible
    58 Andrew Armstrong
    59 Carson Horne
    62 Caleb Wetherford
    68 Jonathan Bolick
    70 Blade King
    71 VJ Harvey
    72 Christopher Elmore
    73 Ethan Leggett
    78 David Norton
    80 Andrew Jarnagin
    83 Michelson Jean
    88 Joshua Johnson

    Force offense drives on Dominion Christian

    For more photos of the Force vs Dominion game, click.HERE

    2010 Football Season Game Results (9-3)

    Georgia Force (Gary Pirkle Park in Sugar Hill) all games start at 7:30
    Friday, Aug 20th: Force 15 Dawson Street Christian 2 (non-GFC)
    Friday, Aug 27th: Force 28 Dominion Christian 12 (non-GFC)
    Friday, Sept 3rd: Force 26 SC Titans 0 (non-GFC)
    Friday, Sept 10th: Force 37 HSD Panthers 0
    Friday, Sept 17th: Force 13 Christian Heritage 12
    Friday, Sept 24th: Force 37 East Atlanta 0
    Friday, Oct 1st: North Georgia 20 Force 19
    Friday, Oct 8th: Force 42 Unity Christian 6
    Friday, Oct 15th: Force 22 Holy Ground 0
    Friday, Oct 29th: Freedom Academy 24 Georgia Force 14
    Sat, Nov 6th Semifinals: Georgia Force 24 Christian Heritage 21
    Sat, Nov 13th Championship: North Georgia 20 Georgia Force 7

    North Georgia 20 Georgia Force 19

    What a ballgame! The Falcons stop the Force on the 2 point attempt near the end of the game to win the battle of unbeatens. Georgia Force got on the board in the first quarter with a Matt Hardin to David Harley touchdown pass on 70 yards. On the kickoff, Falcons return man, Riley Davis, went 85 yards untouched to tie the score at 6-6. In the second quarter, Hardin found wide receiver, Andrew Jarnigan, for a 15 yard touchdown. The extra point kick was good to make the score 13-6. This was the half-time score. The Falcons took the second half kickoff and drove downfield, scoring on a Tim Howard to Zane McDaniel touchdown pass. Brett Snyder was good on the extra point kick and the score was again tied at 13. Later Falcon QB Tim Howard found the end zone and the Falcons led 20-13 after Brett Snyder’s extra point kick. In the 4th quarter, on a controversial call, the Force scored on a short pass from Hardin to Zavier Thompson. The Force decided to go for the 2 point conversion and were stopped short by the Falcons defense.

    Georgia Force 13 Christian Heritage Lions 12
    by Larry Fleming (Dalton Citizen)
    Every year the Georgia Force and Christian Heritage Lions game is decided in the last minute or in overtime. This year is no different as Daniel Pierce, forced to kick after placekicker Nick Jang suffered an injury earlier in the game, barely missed a 33-yard field goal with 6.5 seconds left, and the visiting Georgia Force escaped with a thrilling 13-12 victory Friday night in a game of unbeaten teams.

    Force coach Steve Riley said the kick looked a bit wide, although it had plenty of distance, from his vantage point on the sidelines. “I was sure praying it was left,” Riley said. After the miss, all the Force had to do was take a knee and walk away with their fifth straight win to start the season.

    It was a heartbreaking loss for the Lions (3-1, 1-1) on homecoming before a large crowd at Christian Heritage Stadium. “Games like this develop character,” Vaden said. Both teams showed true grit in the fourth quarter, answering each other’s touchdowns.

    The Lions, who trailed 7-6 at halftime on Pierce’s 4-yard run at the 7:25 mark of the second quarter, forced a Force punt and methodically drove 78 yards in 10 plays for the go-ahead touchdown. On second-and-seven from the 33, Pierce connected with Mason Sikes, his favorite receiver, who battled for extra yardage to the 5 before he fumbled. However, the Lions’ Charlie Wilson pounced on the ball at the 3 to keep the threat alive. On first down, Pierce gained a yard to the 2 and then freshman Austin Lowe plowed into the end zone for the go-ahead score with 3:31 left in the game. The run for a two-point conversion failed and the Lions were up 12-7.

    The Force gained possession at their own 38 with 3:19 remaining after the kickoff. Nine consecutive running plays moved the Force to the Lions’ 4. With the Lions’ defense bunched up tight at the line of scrimmage, Force quarterback Matthew Hardin drifted to his right and lobbed a touchdown pass to David Harley, who made the catch while skidding on his knees in the end zone with 55.6 seconds on the clock.

    On the game-clinching drive, the Force’s Tevin Austin carried seven times for 41 yards, including gainers of 20 and 16 yards. He finished with 126 yards on 18 carries, helping the Force pile up 228 rushing yards on the Lions’ proud defense.

    “After that touchdown, I was thinking our defense had to tighten up,” Riley said. “They had been hurting us all night with their out-route passes.” But the Lions, who took over after the kickoff on their own 36, zipped to the Force’s 16 in six plays. Pierce hit Sikes three times for completions covering a combined 48 yards. On third-and-10, Vaden elected to kick the field goal. “That was my decision,” he said. “If we had a bad snap or fumbled it, we could cover it and try again. We were blessed just to have a chance to win that game.”

    Pierce completed 15 of 25 passes for 265 yards and rushed for 36 more. Logan Harr led the Lions with 83 rushing yards on seven carries. Wilson had four catches for 77 yards as the Lions rushed for 159. Sikes caught 10 passes for 176 yards in the game after having 12 in the previous three.

    Clay Mote gave the Force an early 6-0 lead on a 33-yard touchdown run on the final play of the first quarter, and Matthew Atkerson kicked the extra point.

    Georgia Force 15 Dawson Street Christian 2 (non-GFC)

    The Force headed south to LaGrange to take on Dawson Street Christian (GISA League). With 6:27 left in the 2nd quarter Matt Hardin passed to running back Tevin Austin, who scored the touchdown from 8 yards out. Matthew Atkerson kicked the extra point making the score, Force 7 Dawson St 0. With 5:04 left in the half Ben Allison recovered a fumble and ran it back 12 yards for a TD. QB Matt Hardin ran for the 2 pt conversion and the Force led 15 to 0. In the 4th quarter on 4th down, the Force center snapped the ball over the head of the punter and out of the end zone to give Dawson Street a safety worth 2 points making the score 15 to 2 in favor of the Force. Both Defense played very well while both offenses were sloppy. The Force defense had two fumble recoveries by Andrew Justus and Clay Mote. David Harley had two interceptions. Clay Mote led in tackles with 7, Zavior Thompson and Tevin Austin both had 5 tackles and Ben Allison had 4 tackles. Tevin Austin led the team in rushing with 9 carries for 40 yds and Matt Hardin had 7 rushes for 27 yards.

    To see more Force pictures, click HERE


    2009 Georgia Force Football Season 5 wins and 5 losses

    Sat, Aug 22nd: Crown 22 Georgia Force 20 (OT)
    Fri, Aug 28th: Dawson St. Christian 26 Georgia Force 13
    Fri, Sept 4th: Georgia Force 47 Bartow Generals 20
    Fri, Sept 25th: Georgia Force 26 Holy Ground Academy 0
    Tues, Sept 29th: Christian Heritage 16 Georgia Force 14
    Fri, Oct 2nd: Georgia Force 59 Cumberland Christian Patriots 8
    Fri, Oct 9th: Dominion Christian 26 Georgia Force 20
    Fri, Oct 23rd Georgia Force 21 North Georgia Falcons 7

    Fri, Oct 30th Playoff: Georgia Force 37 East Atlanta 14
    Sat, Nov 7th Semifinals: North Georgia 7 Georgia Force 0 (OT)

    Force offense

    Force offense

    Force offense

    Force offense

    Force defense scrimmages Falcons

    Force defense scrimmages Falcons

    Force offense on the move

    Force offense on the move